The 1st DP Challenge contest will take place within St-Martin DP Dance Salsa Festival 2018 and is for advanced amateur and semi-pro salsa competitors. $2,000 of prize money for the first 3 couples.

What is it?

It’s a special contest composed of 2 rounds.

*First round (Thursday the 11th): Competitors will present their own choreography (2 min max), then they will dance on an improvised salsa song (1 min 30s).

**Second round (Friday the 12th): Competitors will present an imposed choreography that will be this year Adrian & Anita’s choreography “CABOE”. The winner will have the opportunity to be part of the line up confirmed and to present their choreography on Saturday night during showcases.

The judges will be Adrian & Anita, and 2 other artists invited.

How to attend?

*Each couple have to send to us their own choreography by ( The 10 best couples will be selected and will be able to compete at St-Martin DP Dance Salsa Festival 2018. At this time, we will provide “CABOE” video and the song as well.

**Each couple will have to pay $110 to attend it ($55 per person). They will benefit from the discount on Sonesta Rooms and a free full pass.

Any questions?

Contact us by email at

If you have a salsa school, spread the word to your students. 😉